Tips to keeping your car cooler this summer:-

As you must be aware, with every passing year, the heat is getting from bad to worst.  Even the Meteorology department have made it official that Dubai every summer is much cooler in comparison to the one following it!  And we’re wondering – if this isn’t the worst, what is!  Right now one needs a very very good reason to step outdoors between 12 noon to 4 in the afternoon.   Some of us are lucky to have access to shaded parking at residence or work, but for others, whose cars are mostly parked in open areas, where the sun busily bakes and melts all plastic and leather we so lovingly adorned our cars with!  Most of us have been through the  unmistakable feeling of entering a pressure cooker when entering our car after it has been parked out in the sun for more than a couple of hours. And what’s worse is, there is almost no escape from this pressure cooker situation, as majority of public car parking zones are located right under the sun without a roof.

For those who do not have access to covered parking spots, below are some quick car cooling tips that have helped me escape some pressure out of the cooker car!

1. A very simple but highly effective way to get your car to start cooling instantly is to sprinkle water on your wind screens through the viper cleaners.  As shown in the video below you could simpily water the windscreens and you will experience the difference for your self. I would suggest that you repeat this a couple of times during your drive for maximum effect.  And remember, only sprinkle water, DO NOT run the wipers.  If you paid attention during your Physics class, you may remember, Evaporation Causes Cooling.  Let the Sun add to your cooling by causing the water to evaporate from your wind screen.

2. Always keep your windows slightly lowered for the air to pass in and out of the car.  This first of all stops the car from turning into a greenhouse, letting fresh air pass through while your car is parked!  Ventilation within the car allows air to pass through so that it does not become stagnant,  and ensures you do not feel extreme heat when you enter a car that has been parked under the sun for a few hours. At the same time, the sun being the best source of energy for us, helps the interior get rid of bad odour. Until and unless something really nasty spilled into your car, the hot sun and ventilation will both fight off any bad odour in the car.

3. Also, next time you park your car,  pull out that sun screen / shade from under your seat and place it on the dash board.  This will make a significant difference as most of the heat which enters the vehicle is from the rear and front wind screen.  The heat which enters from the windows can be easily tackled with the help of window tints, which is normally applied to the windows and the rear wind screen.  So what prevents heat from entering through the front – the sun screen / shade.

The sun screen / shade will also save your dash board from ugly cracks, which appear if the car is constantly exposed to long hours of the Dubai sun!   If you’re too lazy to put on the screen every morning, then just tint the front wind screen – but only with 0% tinting.  You don’t want to be driving in the dark at night with a 30% tint on the front wind screen.

4. Nothing can be worse that hot AC air blowing at us directly when driving a hot car parked in the heat during the hot climate!  That sentence is making me sweat!  So make sure the AC is serviced before the summers hit, and the gas levels are topped up!  Another thing to be regularly checked with most of the new cars is the A/C filter. Like all other major parts, the ACs also have filters, which need cleaning and changing.  So the next time a mechanic tells you that your car AC is too old and needs changing, ask him to check the AC filter.  Imagine getting your AC to cool like it did when the car was brand new!  And trust me it will….just make sure that you service your car AC thoroughly.  One more thing to check is the AC Vibrator. This need to be removed and cleaned once in 2 – 3 years, to ensure the air pressure in the AC is just as it should be.

At Emarat Fast Track you can get your AC checked for free.  It’s a good option, if you’re not sure where to go about doing your AC job, other than the Agency, which can be quite expensive. The guys at Fast Track do a very good job and are very honest. The charge for a Saloon or SUV is the same at AED 175/- which is quite reasonable.

I hope you found this useful.  Please let us have your feedback by contacting us using any of the methods provided below, or simply leave a comment.  We would be very happy if you share this with your peers.

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