Nissan Altima Review

With its debut in 2008, the Nissan Altima has created history. This car rarely comes to mind when considering a mid range sedan car, and is truly the best in its sector.

We all would love to purchase a brand new car, but when the price tag reads Dhs 62000 for a base model, we would surely look for all other options available to us.

So the question is what makes the Nissan Altima better than all others?

When a decision is to be taken for a purchasing a brand new mid range sedan, naturally we all love to buy the car with lots of flashy options on the base model itself (full options demands a lot of cash!). And thinking like its consumer, Nissan did just that.  It does sound unbelievable!  Let’s first see what small and unique things Nissan has thrown into the Altima!

1: The Nissan Altima base model is equipped with the latest technology, which as yet no other manufacturer has offered in the mid range sedan!  Introduced in 2008 and four years later, the Nissan Altima is the only mid range sedan which comes with a built-in intelligent key system in the base model.  The intelligent key system provides a push ignition button instead of the traditional key ignition and lock/unlock of door a one touch system.  You can hang the stylish key in your key chain and never use it again to start your car!  And guess what, you will never lock your self out of the car because you forgot the key in the ignition.

2: The Nissan Altima base model also comes with a built in audio system loaded with an aux jack input for your ipod or mp3 player.  The manufacturers of Altimas know times have changed, and we like to carry our music with us everywhere and always expect to play it whenever we want to.  Just because a mojority of Altima lovers carry their music around in little pods, doesn’t mean Nissan would forget those who still prefer to play their music from tapes.  For those who believe that the new audio systems are not for them, the car comes equipped with a traditional cassette player.

3:  And if that isn’t enough to make you go ultimate on the Atima, Nissan also gave us a vital luxury option – an all speed Cruise Control.

Perfecting the technology of the cvt transmission with 6 speed gear, the Altima drive has been made to provide the luxury of the higher-end 8 cylinder vehicles.  Just tap the accelerator and the car glides from gear to gear without the driver even feeling the gears shifting.  You can now hold a cup of tea (not encouraged though as Dina Butti just spilled some on hear lap), but the Altima is so smooth that the the car shifts gears without jerking, which means no tea spillage!   And luxury does  come cheap here, as the cvt gear has shown some significant fuel efficiency. With the tank size of 18 gallons, which fills up in Dhs 110, the car can easily do an average of 700 kms on a highway and 550 kms in the city.

And lets not forget how busy life is in Dubai.  Work stress and traffic jams are enough to make us forget to check the car tires or take the car for service.  The intelligent Altima reminds us to inflate tires or change the engine oil when needed!  All this is visible on the dash board beside the speed-o-meter!

The all new Nissan Altima 2013 has undergone further grooming, and now looks quite stylish and sporty. By changing the front and rear lights and the chrome front grill, the competition just got tougher not just for the rivals but also with the Nissan Maxima.

The curvy shape of the 2008 Altima supported aero dynamics, and this has been further enhanced in the 2013 model.  You will not feel a jerk on the road when driving on uneven roads and highways at high speed – thanks to the improved suspension.

So if you want a car with the awesome features mentioned above but are ready to give up on leather seats, xenon lights as well as play station output (only available in top of the range Altima), then the Nissan Altima 2.5L is the car for you.

Can you think of another mid range sedan base model which has an intelligent key system, audio system with an Aux Jack as well as a cassette player and an all speed Cruise Control!  I can only imagine what it would feel like to list all the features of the full options car!

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