Rolls Royce Wraith 2016 Rental in Dubai

We have to say this – Bentleys are for driving, Rolls-Royces are for being driven in. The Wraith has changed the rules. Approach a corner in the Wraith the way you would in a sports car and you’ll be faced with considerable understeer and intrusive stability control. The Wraith doesn’t buoy, pitch or bounce over bumps — ever. We can go on and on about the Wraith, but you need to drive it to experience its brilliance.

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Vehicle Details
  • Passengers: 2L
  • Large Baggage: 4
  • Small Baggage: 4
  • Doors: 4
  • Power windows: Yes
  • Airbag: Yes
  • AM/FM CD player: Yes
  • Power Steering: Yes
  • Body Type: Luxury
  • Trans: Automatic
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