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At Ez Rentals we can show you the sights and sounds of Dubai using a range of transport methods by land or air. Alternatively, we can also arrange some fun activities for you including Quad Biking and more!


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Tailor-made tours
Coming to Dubai is an experience for everyone, having a tight schedule is not a problem with Ez rentals! We provide tailor-made city tours by which you can select your desired locations and activities to indulge in and our multilingual chauffeurs will be your guide and give you a different experience of Dubai and UAE.




Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari
Visitors to Dubai can indulge in the traditions of the Arab and Bedouin cultures! The best way to do this is by going for a Desert Safari Adventure deep into the deserts in and around Dubai where the legendary hospitality of the Arabs is known world over. They charm and allure their guests with genuine warmth and friendliness. One of the best ways to get close to the Arab culture is the over night desert safari in Dubai. The desert safari tours have been designed in a way that it allows the tourist to actually indulge in various traditional activities of the desert which includes camel rides, live performances of folk dances and relishing delicious BBQ dinners along with the aromatic sheesha.



The Helicopter TourThe Helicopter Tour
If you think you’ve seen Dubai’s roads and landmarks, and have experienced the city and the great architecture that has changed Dubai completely… Think again! You have missed out on a unique way to see the bustling Dubai city. The helicopter tour will give you the chance to catch sights of the amazing and breath taking view of one of the wonders of the world, the Jumeirah Palm a complete city built on a manmade island. To add to your experience you can also get to see the other attractions like the 7 star Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Jumeirah Beach and many other landmarks from an eagle’s eye perspective. It is really a lifetime experience to view the towering buildings and the symbolic cityscape of the Dubai city. During your Dubai helicopter tour you are sure to explore and witness some of the unseen and unbeaten aspects of this extraordinary city of the 21st century. So what are you waiting for, see all Dubai’s landmarks from above and ‘wow!’ your friends with photos that only a select few get the chance to take.


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